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NEDRAma documentary days: Rimini Protokoll



Dear friends,

Be welcome on 28.01.2015 at 19:30 in „I AM STUDIO” on Our NEDRAma documentary days of , when we will present a story about :”RIMINI PROTOKOLL”- the theatre of the new theatre reality and the projection of the film about the lecture performance “Prometheus in Athens”-directors Helgard Haug and Daniel Wetzel, presented in Athens Festival 2010, Odeon of Herodes Atticus, 15 July 2010. Vassilka Bumbarova will tell more about “RIMINI PROTOKOLL”- one of the most successful groups for documentary and contemporary theatre in Europe. We hope to have a discussion after that, which will be lead by the young critics Dorothea Belcheva and Boris Zafirov.

Helgard Haug, Stefan Kaegi, and Daniel Wetzel have been working as a team since 2000. They work in the area of theater, a team of author-directors. Their work in the realm of theater, sound and radio plays, film, installation emerge in constellations of two or three and solo as well. Since 2002, all their works have been written collectively under the label Rimini Protokoll. At the focus of their work is the continuous development of the tools of the theater to allow for unusual perspectives on our reality.
For example, Haug/Kaegi/Wetzel have declared a Daimler Shareholder Meeting to be a piece of theater or staged 100 % Stadt (100 % City) with 100 statistically represtntative residents of cities like Berlin, Zurich, London, Melbourne, Copenhagen, or San Diego. In Berlin and Dresden, they developed accessible Stasi installations/sound plays in which the observation protocols could be listened to on android telephones. At the moment, they are touring with Nigerian-European business people (Lagos Business Angels), the paraplegic MC Hallwachs (Qualitätskontrolle (Haug/Wetzel), or setting cities to music for hordes of spectators with 50 headphones (Remote X (Kaegi)).
They have been awarded the NRW Impulse Preis for Shooting Bourbaki (2003); Deadline (2004), Wallenstein – eine dokumentarische Inszenierung (2006) and Situation Rooms (2014) were invited to the Berliner Theatertreffen. Schwarzenbergplatz was nominated for the Austrian theater prize Nestroy in 2005. Mnemopark was awarded the Jury Prize at the festival “Politik im freien Theater” in Berlin in 2005, and in 2007 Karl Marx: Das Kapital. Erster Band won both the audience prize at Festival Stu?cke07 and the Mu?lheimer Dramatiker Preis that same year.
In November 2007, they were awarded a special prize at the Deutscher Theaterpreis Der Faust, in April 2008 they were awarded the European Theatre Prize for the category “new realities.” In 2008, they were awarded the Hörspielpreis der Kriegsblinden for Karl Marx: Das Kapital, Erster Band (Peymannbeschimpfung was also nominated).
Rimini Protokoll was awarded the Faust Theatre Prize in 2007, the European Prize for New Theatre Forms in 2008 and in 2011 the silver lion of the Biennale for Performing Arts in Venice. The multi-player video-installation „Situation Rooms“ about the weapon-industry received the Excellence Award of the 17th Japan Media Festival.
Rimini Protokoll is based at HAU, Berlin, since 2003.


Curators of the NEDRAma Documantary Days:
Irina Andreeva
Dorothea Belcheva
Vasilka Bumbarova
Boris Zafirov
Georg Genoux


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