Theatre of Emergency

The project Theatre “Emergency”, which will be executed by Association Replica, funded by EEA grants, is needed in the current environment to actively and originally support ethnic tolerance among young people. It targets mainly youth from Bulgarian and Roma origins. Additionally, it will benefit minorities, refugees, decision-makers, local communities, informal citizen groups and various NGOs.

The objectives are related to the creation of conditions for vulnerable groups, including Roma, to place issues visibly in the public space and to take appropriate actions to resolve them. Theatre actors from Replica, working with young Roma artists, are directly participating and included in all core activities with the underlining belief that art can also be a method to transform intolerant and aggressive attitudes into positive citizenship.

The project provides a multicultural and multi-ethnic relationships training, a seminar about human rights with broad participation, an experimental documentary theatre production, played in front of diverse audience strata, a Romani exhibition, a master class focused on social drama techniques, as well as an online project forum, reaching wider audience with long-term effect.